4 Drawbacks of Pay Per Date On Sugar Dating Site

Drawbacks of Pay Per DateIn the last article, we talked about the Benefits of Pay Per Date (PPD) Option. Everyone must have a certain understanding of pay per date. In order to let everyone know more information about PDD on our sugar daddies websites, let's take a look at the bad points of pay per date.

Less Money:

Hey, with this offer chances you will get less amount in a few hundred, as there will always be space for negotiation. No matters even if you explain your budget per month, there are every fewer daddy who likes to spend more money on seeing you on time. So, keep this thing in your mind.

Inconsistent Money Flow:

Unlike allowance, Pay Per Day doesn’t guarantee you a lot of money. The reason is maybe the sugar daddy will not be available next week so that you can have less money as compared to your previous week. Inconsistency in money flow could be for any reason. So if you want to ensure a long-term stable source of income, you should consider this inconsistent money flow of Pay Per Day.

Not For Long Going:

The agreement doesn’t last for long as compared to allowance agreement. Yes, with PPD sugar daddy always have the option to step back with the freedom to engage with someone else. What you establish with Sugar Daddy is a short-term relationship, so Sugar Daddy can always look for the next sugar baby. If you are looking for short-term profit, then Pay Per Day is perfect for you. But if you want to get everything you want from a sugar daddy for a long time, then choose another dating way.

Negotiation, and some more talk:

The only and only big flaw of PPD is sugar daddy will try to negotiate on money, and forced to lower the amount. He may tell about various expenses, which are indeed understandable, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise. After all sugar daddy dating sites are for finding daddies and enjoy with them. So before negotiating with Sugar Daddy, please make clear what things are acceptable and what are not. When you know exactly what you want and what you don't want, you will be more confident and successful when you negotiate with Sugar Daddy.

So, overall PPD is a simple way of ensuring that you will get paid every time you meet a sugar daddy.